Twilio Integration

Receive SMS messages, Send SMS Messages, Wait & Act On Responses, Make & Connect Calls

ThinkAutomation works with Twilio to send and receive SMS messages and to make & connect telephone calls. Twilio is an API used for building SMS and Telephone solutions. ThunkAutomation removes need for developing custom code to integrate with Twilio. You can build simple and complex SMS handling solutions using an easy to use drag-and-drop process. See: Twilio for more information.

Twilio automation

Easy To Setup

Simply create an account with Twilio and add a telephone number. Hook the number up to ThinkAutomation and start sending and receiving SMS messages

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  • Receive and process any number of SMS messages from any of your Twilio numbers.
  • Send an SMS message from any of your Twilio numbers to any number worldwide.
  • Wait for a response to a previously sent SMS and act on the response text.
  • Make a telephone call to any number.
  • Speak custom text to the receiver.
  • Connect a call to a different telephone number.
  • After the call is complete download the recording and save or email it.
  • No additional cost over standard Twilio charges.