System Automation

In addition to the many actions provided by ThinkAutomation, you can also create and execute custom scripts. Scripts are created using the familiar Visual Basic scripting language. Your scripts can be as large as required with any number of Functions and Sub-Procedures. You can design your script to perform any sort of custom action that you can imagine. Scripts can reference any COM objects available on the host computer along with the Windows API.

Run Custom Scripts

Use scripts to fine tune data extraction, or to run your own custom actions. All of the properties of the incoming message are available inside scripts and you can access and update previously extracted field values.

Web Automation

ThinkAutomation can also automate web-based actions. It can execute Web Service calls and act on the results and perform regular HTTP posts.

Execute Web Services, read web resources, download files, upload files & attachments to an FTP server or cloud storage, monitor web pages for changes & more.
Automate Web Services

Network Automation

Automate network based activities. ThinkAutomation can also call PowerShell Scripts, read & update LDAP resources, check DNS records, Ping network hosts and more.

Network Automation


  • Execute custom Visual Basic scripts to extend functionality.
  • Execute PowerShell commands and act on the results.
  • Execute remote SSH Shell commands.
  • Call Web Services and act on the results.
  • Perform HTTP Posts.
  • Download files via HTTP, FTP or Cloud Storage.
  • Execute networking commands such as: LDAP, WebDav, DNS, Ping, WhoIs