Social Automation

Social media management is a huge, never-ending, ever-expanding task. Fortunately, ThinkAutomation can lend a hand.

As well as being an advanced social monitoring tool, ThinkAutomation also provides a powerful social automation platform – from which you can schedule updates, sync messages with your CRM, create custom reports and send automated responses.

Automate Social Network Posting

Use Case

Your business has just created a new product. Send an email to ThinkAutomation containing the product description and a link to the new page on your website. ThinkAutomation processes the email and extracts the details. It then posts the update to Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook.


  • Post To Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.
  • Monitor Twitter for specific search terms relating to your business.
  • Respond to Tweets.
  • Perform Sentiment Analysis on Tweets and automate actions if negative sentiment tweets are posted about your business.
  • Create scheduled posts.
  • Send an email that ThinkAutomation processes and coverts into a social post.
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