Slack Automation

Slack is a collaboration solution for teams. It allows teams to communicate and collaborate via channels. ThinkAutomation can post messages & upload files to any of your Slack Channels. ThinkAutomation Slack integration enables you to notify Slack users about business events and incoming messages. See: Slack for more information about Slack.

Send Emails To Slack

Use Case

Use ThinkAutomation to forward urgent customer service or support emails to your relevant Slack channels.

Use ThinkAutomation to process your web forms, and when a new customer completes your information request form have ThinkAutomation post the details to Slack.


  • Post any text to any of your Slack Channels.
  • Post as an authenticated user or as the ThinkAutomation bot.
  • Include a link to the current message. Slack users can click the link to view the original message.
  • Upload files to any Slack channel.
  • Upload all or selected incoming attachments to any Slack Channel.
  • Easily post emails or SMS messages to Slack.