Sentiment Analysis

Act On The Sentiment Of Incoming Messages

ThinkAutomation can analyze the sentiment of any incoming email, SMS, Tweet or document and assign it a positive or negative sentiment score. You can then run automated actions based on the result.

Get sentiment analysis score for incoming emails

Use Case

Monitor customer services emails that your business receives. An email with a high negative sentiment score can trigger escalation notifications to management via email or SMS.

ThinkAutomation is a quick learner. Its sentiment analysis algorithm is powered by training, and the more you train it, the more intelligent it becomes.

Use Case

Monitor Twitter for global tweets containing your business or product name. Automatically Tweet a response for positive sentiment tweets or alert management when negative sentiment Tweets are posted.

Train the sentiment analyzer


  • Get the sentiment score for any received message or specific text.
  • Create conditional execution of actions bsed on the result.
  • Create different 'classes' of sentiment (eg: Sales Enquiries, Support, Customer Services etc.).
  • Train the Sentiment Analyzer to improve accuracy over time.