Office 365 and Exchange Automation

ThinkAutomation integrates with Office 365 and Exchange Server. You can connect to any Office 365/Exchange mailbox and process emails as they arrive. A key advantage of Exchange Sync is that only new messages are downloaded on each synchronisation – meaning no duplicates. Plus, Exchange synchronisation exclusively uses secure HTTPS to communicate with the Exchange server. No firewall issues, no separation across systems: just intelligent integration.

Office 365 automation

Use Case

Setup ThinkAutomation to monitor your Office 365 mailbox that receives incoming orders. ThinkAutomation receives the order and extracts customer information. It then creates an Office 365 contact and sets up a meeting request with the customer.

Use Case

Use ThinkAutomation to setup an employee absense reporting system. Employees report their absence by sending an SMS message. ThinkAutomation responds to the message and then looks up the employee information from a database. It then sets the employee's Out Of Office status.


  • Sync any Office 365/Exchange mailbox via secure Exchange Web Services.
  • New messages will be process by ThinkAutomation automatically.
  • Run Triggers based on message content.
  • Triggers can be setup to automate creation of Contacts, Appointments, Tasks & Notes.
  • Move messages to different folders based on conditions you define.
  • Set Out Of Office status.
  • Send Skype For Business messages.