Centralized Message Store

When ThinkAutomation processes messages that you receive, it stores a copy of each message in its own 'Message Store' database. Messages can be assigned to folders within the database. You can view the message store using the ThinkAutomation Administrator or via the included web-based message store viewer. This provides a useful central repository of all processed messages.

View The Message Store
Easily view all processed messages for any ThinkAutomation source Account or Trigger.
View Processed Message
You can also search the full message store for specific messages.

When viewing a message you can view the message text, attachments and the process log - showing all automated actions that were performed when the message was processed.
Web based message store viewer
A web-based message store viewer is also included. You can also send secure links that link back to a view of a specific message.


  • Central store of each message processed.
  • A full copy of each message is stored, including attachments.
  • Messages can be assigned to folders.
  • The Message Store can be viewed via the ThinkAutomation Administrator.
  • Web-based Message Store viewer included as standard.
  • No limit on Message Store size. Store millions of messages.