Available Actions

Action Type Details Small

Update Databases

Update A Database - Direct Update a SQL database. Add new records or update existing ones.
Update A Database - Custom Update a SQL database using custom SQL statements.
Execute A Database Command Execute a SQL command or store procedure and return results.
Lookup From A Database Reads a record from a database and assigns results to multiple ThinkAutomation fields/variables
Update A CSV File Update a CSV (comma separated values) file with auto periodic emailing.
Update Excel Spreadsheet Update a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet file.
Update Outlook Contact Update Outlook Contact records directly.
Update Message Store Token Updates a counter value in the Message Store that can be later reported on
Add Message Store Keywords Adds keywords to the Message Store record to aid searching.

Outgoing Messages

Send Email Send outgoing emails. With optional future scheduled sending.
Send SMS Message Send outgoing SMS text messages. *
Send Appointment Create appointments on any iCal compatible calendar server.
Wait For Validation Send an email request for someone to validate before remaining actions execute.
Forward Original Message Send the incoming message to new recipients.
Create An Outlook MSG File Create an Outlook compatible MSG file.

Exchange Server/Office 365

Update Contact Add or update an Exchange Server Contact record.
Update Current Message Appends text to the current message or marks as read, complete or follow-up.
Create Appointment Add an Exchange Server Appointment record.
Create Task Add an Exchange Task.
Create Note Add an Exchange Note item.
Set/Get Out Of Office Status Sets or gets the Out Of Office status for a given user.
Set/Get Email Signature Sets or gets the Email Signature for a given user.
Move Message To Folder Moves the current message to a folder within Exchange/Office 365.
Add Message To Exchange Creates a new message on any Exchange/Office 365 server using the current message.
Mark Message As Junk Marks the current message as Junk/Not Junk and optionally moves the message to the Junk folder.
Create Skype For Business Group Creates a new Skype For Business contacts group.
Add Skype For Business Contact Adds or updates a contact in a Skype For Business group.
Send Skype For Business Message Sends a message to Skype For Business users or groups.


Get CRM Item Gets a Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce CRM Entity value and assigns to a Field or Variable.
Update A CRM System Add or update an Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics entity.
Upload To CRM Uploads one or more files or attachments to Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce CRM.


Get SharePoint Item Gets a SharePoint List Item value and assigns it to a ThinkAutomation Field to Variable.
Update SharePoint List Items Updates Items in a SharePoint List.
Upload Files To SharePoint Uploads one or more files or attachments to a SharePoint site.

Windows Azure

Update SQL Azure Database Update an Azure Cloud-Based SQL database.
Get/Update Azure Table Read or Update a Windows Azure Table Entity.
Get/Update Azure Blob Read or Update a Windows Azure Blob.


Save Attachments Save attachments of specific types to folders on your file system.
Save Attachments To A Database Save attachments to binary (blob) fields in an external database.

Online Storage

Upload To DropBox Save files or attachments to Dropbox.
Upload To OneDrive Save files or attachments to Microsoft OneDrive.
Upload To Amazon S3 Save files or attachments to Amazon Simple Storage Service.
Upload To Google Drive Save files or attachments to Google Drive.
Download From DropBox Download a file from DropBox to the local file system.
Download From SkyDrive Download a file from SkyDrive to the local file system.
Download From Google Drive Download a file from Google Drive to the local file system.


Print Message Print the incoming message and/or a report of extracted fields, PDF & Document attachments.
Run A Report Create a custom report with the report designer. Send PDF reports with outgoing emails.
Save As PDF Renders the incoming message or URL as a PDF file.
Convert Word/Excel Document Converts Word, Excel, CSV, Text documents to PDF and image formats.
Convert PDF Document Converts PDF documents to images or text files.
Word Mail Merge Performs a mail merge on Word documents or Attachments.


Posting To A Web Page Post extracted field data to any web page, ASP, PHP or CGI script.
Read A Web Page Lookup a web page and add the returned text to a ThinkAutomation field or variable.
Read A JSON Document Read A JSON formatted document and assign elements to ThinkAutomation fields or variables.
Download File Download a file via HTTP from a given URL.
Call A Web Service Calls any SOAP or .NET Web Service and returns the results to ThinkAutomation fields or variables.
Upload To FTP Server Upload attachments to an FTP Server.
Download From FTP Server Download files from an FTP Server.
Create JSON Creates JSON text and allows fields/variables to be assigned to specific elements.


DNS Lookup Lookup a DNS record and add the returned value to a ThinkAutomation field or variable.
WhoIs Lookup Perform a WhoIs lookup for any hostname/ip/email and assign results to a field or variable.
LDAP Search Search an LDAP Directory and assign returned attributes to ThinkAutomation fields or variables.
LDAP Update Create, modify or delete entries from an LDAP directory.
Update WebDav Resource Upload files, Post Data or Set Properties on WebDav resources.
Instant Messaging (XMPP) Post a message or get presence with an XMPP compatible instant messaging service.
Send TCP Data Open a TCP socket, send data and optionally wait for a response.
Ping Pings any network or Internet host and assigns the response time to a field or variable.

Social Networks

Post To Twitter Post a tweet to Twitter for any authorized user.
Post To LinkedIn Post a share to LinkedIn for any authorized user.
Post To Facebook Post an update to a Facebook news feed.

Twilio SMS & Calls

Twilio Make Call Make an outbound call to any telephone to speak text and connect to another number.
Twilio Send SMS Send an SMS text message via the Twilio API.
Twilio Wait For SMS Reply Waits for an SMS text message from a specific number and assigns the text message to a variable.
Normalize Phone Number Formats a phone number with the correct country code for international use.


GeoIP Lookup Finds the Geo-Location for any IP address or domain name/email address.
Translate Text Translate text from one language to another and return the result to a field or variable. *
Speak Text Returns a wave or mp3 stream of the passed-in text being spoken in the desired language. *
Detect Language Returns the language code for any text. *

Sentiment Analysis

Get Sentiment Performs Sentiment Analysis on any text and returns the score to a field or variable.
Train Sentiment Adds training data to the Sentiment Analyzer.


Send Slack Message Sends a message & upload files/attachments to any Slack Channel.


Run A ThinkAutomation Script Execute Visual Basic compatible ThinkAutomation Scripts for custom Trigger actions. **
Execute PowerShell Command Execute a PowerShell command and return the output to a ThinkAutomation field or variable.
Execute Secure Shell (SSH) Execute a Secure Shell (SSH) command and return the output to a ThinkAutomation field.  
Run A Program Execute an external application.
Control A Service Control a Windows service running on the ThinkAutomation Server computer.


Set Variable Create and set a ThinkAutomation variable.
Find and Replace Search and replace text in any ThinkAutomation extracted field or variable.
File Operations Create new folders, copy, move, rename & delete files.
Read/Write Text File Write data to any text file and/or read a text file and assign to a field or variable.
Send Popup Message Send a popup message to ThinkAutomation Administrator or Client users.
Encryption Encrypt/Decrypt text or files using AES encryption.
Compression Zips or Unzips files or attachments.
Create Passcode Creates a random Passcode and assigns it to a field or variable.
Create Pass To Buttons Generates HTML links to pass the current message to other Accounts/Triggers for processing.


If Block Start a logical If block to conditionally control Action flow.
Select Case Start a logical Select Case block to conditionally execute Actions.
Else Start a logical Else block to execute action if the previous If Block condition fails.
End If End a logical If block.
Go To Move Action execution to a label.
For Each Start a For Each loop.
Next Loop Move Action execution to the start of the loop unless no more items.
Exit Loop Exit the current loop block (use with a Condition - eg: If X Then Exit Loop).
Label Set a label.
Set Logging Level Sets the logging detail level for the currently executing message.
Pass Value To Trigger Pass a given field or variable or custom text to another Trigger for processing.
End Processing Stop Action execution.
Comment Add a comment.