Email to SMS

Thousands of personalised messages, one platform

ThinkAutomation offers a sophisticated SMS service. An efficient, low cost, self-hosted email to SMS system, our software can send multiple custom SMS text messages in response to incoming emails.

Make mobile customer service easy. Whether it’s a large scale campaign or a single message, ThinkAutomation is the single piece of software you need for powerful SMS engagement.

The features
  • Extract data from the incoming email and use extracted fields in your custom SMS messages
  • Send SMS messages as soon as the incoming email arrives, or schedule SMS messages to be sent on future dates
  • Any number of different SMS text messages can be sent for each incoming email, or a single SMS message can be sent to multiple recipients
  • SMS text messages can be sent to any mobile device on most major networks
The factors
  • ThinkAutomation can send SMS messages via your mobile provider using SNPP
    if your provider supports this protocol
  • Alternatively, messages can be sent via the Parker Software SMS gateway
  • The SMS gateway supports all major mobile providers worldwide, and is free of charge for the recipient
  • SMS 'credits' must be purchased in advance, and can be bought in 'blocks'
  • Each text message costs from $.05 to $.12 depending on the recipient’s country and network

So, want to be able to respond to your customers anytime, anywhere, via any communication channel? ThinkAutomation makes it possible.