Email To SharePoint

Instantly share data with SharePoint. ThinkAutomation pulls content from received emails, tweets, new database records, or any other incoming source, and automatically updates Microsoft SharePoint with that content.

It could be a complete email message, it could be an email attachment or it could be specific data based on common keywords or field information. ThinkAutomation will do all the parsing and extraction work for you, and it will zip it across to SharePoint. Get all your list items and document libraries updated.

Email To SharePoint Automation


  • Read incoming emails from multiple IMAP, POP3 or Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes and sync them with SharePoint lists or document libraries.
  • Read SharePoint list item values and assign to a ThinkAutomation field - which can then be used on subsequent actions (outgoing auto responses, PDF document creation, database updates, etc.).
  • Update any number of separate SharePoint sites.
  • Read data from SharePoint for use in outgoing emails.
  • Synchronise multiple mailboxes from a single ThinkAutomation server.
  • Support on-premise or hosted Office 365 SharePoint sites.