Email to PDF

Convert incoming emails into PDF documents, render web pages as PDFs, and add your own headers and footers. Then automatically send those PDFs as attachments on outgoing messages.

ThinkAutomation comes a quick “Save as PDF” action that you simply click to apply. It could be an email, it could be a social message or it could be a web page – ThinkAutomation can convert it. Once clicked, your content is automatically adapted into a PDF file – with all images, fonts and stylesheets rendered as they would appear in a browser. You can even specify things such as page size, orientation, and custom HTML header / footer insertion.

From there, you can take multiple actions with your PDF files. They can be sent with outgoing messages or uploaded to SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Azure, Amazon S3, Dropbox or any FTP server.

Get your content, in the format you want, in the place you want it to be.

Email To PDF


  • Automatically convert incoming email messages to PDF files.
  • Save PDF files to your computer or upload to DropBox, Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google.
  • Attach PDFs to outgoing messages.
  • Create custom PDF documents using the report designer. Make use of fields extracted from the incoming message.
  • Render any URL as a PDF and add headers and footers.
  • Convert PDF files to images (TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP).
  • Extract text from incoming PDF attachments.