Update Databases From Received Emails, SMS, Tweets & Other Sources

ThinkAutomation can receive messages from multiple sources (Email, SMS, Twitter, Web Forms, Databases). It can parse and extract information from the incoming messages. The extracted data is assigned to ThinkAutomation 'fields'. ThinkAutomation can then use these fields to update any database that your computer has access to.

Update Databases From Emails

Use Case

You receive an order from your Internet payment processor. ThinkAutomation receives the order and extracts all the customer & order information. Each extracted field is mapped to database fields. ThinkAutomation builds required SQL statements to update your database in real time as orders are received. It could then run other actions to notify you via email or SMS that a new order has been received. It could also create an order acknowledgement PDF file that is emailed to the customer.


  • Parse & extract information from received messages to update any database.
  • Insert new records or update existing records.
  • Let ThinkAutomation create the required SQL commands for you or execute custom commands.
  • Execute stored procedures.
  • Perform lookups to read values from existing records.
  • Backup email to database.
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