Automate Document Processing

ThinkAutomation can automate document processing. Documents can be attachments to incoming messages or files on your computer.

Automate PDF Processing

Use Case

A customer places an order. ThinkAutomation processes the order and extracts the customer & product information. It performs a Word mail merge to create a new order acknowledgement document. It then converts the new merged document to a PDF. ThinkAutomation then sends the PDF via email back to the customer.


  • Render the incoming message as PDF.
  • Render any web page as a PDF file.
  • Create custom reports that are saved as PDF.
  • Attach created PDF files to outgoing messages.
  • Convert Word, Excel, Text or HTML files to PDF.
  • Convert PDF, Word, Excel files to images.
  • Perform a mail merge on a Word document using fields extracted from the incoming messages. Save the merged document as a new file. Convert this to PDF and attach it to outgoing messages.
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