Automate SMS Processing & Call Connections

ThinkAutomation can receive and send SMS messages. It can also place telephone calls and connect two numbers. You can receive SMS messages and create processes that act on the content and/or senders number.

Automate Telephone Call Connections

Use Case

Create a 'call me' form on your website that contains a department selector. ThinkAutomation receives the results. It calls back the customer using the number they have provided and speaks 'Thank you for contacting us I am connecting you'. It then calls the relevant department. If answered it connects the call. If not it sends an email and SMS message back to the customer informing them that the department is currently busy. It then emails the department asking them to contact the customer as soon as possible.

Use Case

Create an SMS based order tracker. A customer sends 'update' to your order tracking phone number. ThinkAutomation receives the message. It looks up the customer from your database using their telephone number. It finds any outstanding orders and sends an SMS back with delivery dates.

Automate SMS Sending & Receiving


  • Send automated SMS messages.
  • Create SMS ask-response menu style auto-response systems.
  • Receive SMS messages and act on the message content.
  • Setup email to SMS or SMS to email solutions.
  • Send SMS updates to all customers triggered by an email or other received SMS.
  • Place a call to any telephone number, speak text and then connect the call to another number.