Automate Auto Responses

Managing customer relationships doesn't need to be so time-consuming.

ThinkAutomation will parse & process inbound messages – it will also reply to them with sophisticated auto responses. Those auto responses can come in the shape of emails, SMS texts, social media messages, Outlook calendar requests, or even automated telephone calls. And even better, all auto responses are bespoke and tailored to the individual recipient.

Automated Email & SMS Response

Use Case

Your website could have a form to collect customer enquiries. The form results are sent to ThinkAutomation for processing.

As soon as the results are received, ThinkAutomation would email the sales team, update your database and CRM. It would create a custom report containing the customer account details, save the report as a PDF file, and send it as an attachment in an automated email to the customer – asking if their enquiry was successful and thanking them for their interest. Next, ThinkAutomation would automatically check in with the customer a week later, following up on the enquiry. The following week, it would get in touch to find out if the customer needed any further assistance.

It needn’t be just email auto responses, either. For example:

Let's say you’re a logistics company, and a customer has sent in a text to your registered delivery number asking about their order status.

ThinkAutomation would pick up the text, extract its details and reference your CRM to find out which specific order and customer it’s connected to. It would then pull the relevant details from that account, and use them to generate a bespoke SMS response.

The SMS response would greet the customer by name, confirm their order details and offer an ETA, based on the details available in your database. Finally, ThinkAutomation would record that exchange in your CRM, so you can keep track of your interactions. This entire process takes place in seconds.


  • Create rules to send outgoing emails, SMS messages and tweets based on inbound message content
  • Include fields extracted from the incoming message on outgoing responses, for pain-free personalisation
  • Send scheduled auto responses on future dates – with no limit on queued messages
  • Create plaintext & HTML outgoing emails, include the incoming attachments or add new ones
  • Generate PDF reports using the built-in report-writer and attach them to outgoing messages
  • Attach conditions to each outgoing response, with the response only being sent if all conditions match (e.g. If Customer Is Not Blank And Day Of Week Is Not 'Sunday' And Message Subject Contains 'Order')
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