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Automate your document processing

Pain-free processing of your files and attachments

Extract data, create and convert documents from multiple sources

ThinkAutomation is great at document processing. Parse email attachments and local files. Extract data, convert files, upload files and eliminate the admin that comes with document management.

  • Create formatted Word, PDF & Richtext Documents using data parsed from the incoming message
  • Create Excel spreadsheets and save as PDF
  • Extract text and form data from PDF, Word and image documents
  • Convert PDF, Word, Excel, Richtext, HTML to text, PDF, Word, Images & HTML
  • Sign PDF documents
  • Print documents
  • Run Word Mailmerge
  • Save attachments to files on your computer
  • Upload attachments and local documents to cloud storage
  • Send created and converted documents via email
  • .. and more
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Hundreds of combinations

You may only have a few core document processing needs. Or, you might want to incorporate automatic document processing within a larger workflow. Either way, ThinkAutomation can help.

Because ThinkAutomation uses conditional processing, your workflows can take whatever form you need. You simply set up rules (if this, then that), and ThinkAutomation executes them. For example:

If And Then
If the inbound email contains an attachment If the sender email matches a customer CRM record Upload the attachment to the customer's folder on OneDrive
If the attachment contains the word 'CV' or 'Curriculum Vitae' The attachment is a PDF document Extract the PDF text content, parse it and save to a database
If a new quote PDF document is found on a folder on your system The extracted email address is not blank Send an email to the customer with the quote attached and schedule an automated follow-up email in 7 days time

1. ThinkAutomation Gets The Document

Documents can be attached to incoming messages or new files found in any folder


2. Parsed by ThinkAutomation

ThinkAutomation searches for keywords, identifies context and extracts key information


3. Automate The Document Processing

Triggered actions are then ran on the document for automatic processing

Upload To Cloud jigsaw piece
Upload To Cloud
Add To CRM Record jigsaw piece
Add To CRM Record
Parse content to database fields jigsaw piece
Parse content to database fields
Convert PDF to text or images jigsaw piece
Convert PDF to text or images
Print documents jigsaw piece
Print documents
Print documents jigsaw piece
Add parsed data to Excel

Ready to automate your document processing?

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