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ThinkAutomation 4.2 - Upgrade Requirements

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ThinkAutomation 4.2 - Upgrade Requirements

Prerequisites for Upgrading to ThinkAutomation 4.2 from any previous version:

This prerequisite only affects users who are using any of the SharePoint actions prior to upgrade to 4.2

Following the release of ThinkAutomation 4.2, there was a change to the SharePoint API which required a change to be made to the application.

As a result of the change we have implemented to account for the API update, users are required to make a manual change to their SharePoint actions in ThinkAutomation 4.2 in order for them to remain functional.

Before the changes, the user added the SharePoint URL at the domain level only (eg: Elsewhere in the trigger the user would then apply the URL to target. This is the sub site followed by any relevant folders/ sub-folders.

Steps to take:

1Open a SharePoint action within ThinkAutomation 4.1

2Check both the SharePoint URL and the Save to URL Folder/Save to Library

3Combined these form the full path for your target directory in SharePoint, though part of the URL is the sub site and part is the sub folder

4We need to make it so that the SharePoint URL contains both the URL of the SharePoint service + sub site

5Then shorten the Save to URL Folder/Save to Library to only contain the sub folder and remove any reference to the sub site


Here are some example screen shots for a before and after so that you may see how this would look:


SharePoint server =

Sub site = sites/co/Systems/

Sub folder = customers/debtors


Before (no longer functions in 4.2)



In 4.1, the SharePoint site and its target folders are added to the 'Save to URL' field. This will no longer work in 4.2


The above example will no longer work in ThinkAutomation 4.2. You will instead need to make it so that the SharePoint URL contains both the URL of the SharePoint service and the sub-site.


After (works in 4.2)


In 4.2, the URL has the service URL with the site. The folders / sub-folders are added to the 'Save To Library' field.



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