Twitter Monitoring

Keep your finger on the pulse

ThinkAutomation is the perfect Twitter partner. It will monitor feeds, it will send automated responses, it will execute actions, it will analyse tweet sentiments, it will pump relevant interactions into your CRM… in short, it will be absolutely invaluable to your social and customer services teams.

Want the nitty gritty? ThinkAutomation is a 24/7/365 data processor, and it parses all your data from all your inbound sources – including Twitter. Even better, it’s configured to deliver only the data that’s meaningful to you.

So, that means that you can set our software up to scan for content related to your business, your products, your industry and your competitors. Simply tell ThinkAutomation the words and phrases you want it to watch out for, and it will instantly be on the alert.

Those phrases could be as simple as company mentions (“Parker Software”), as specific as individual product names (“Latitude e6410”), or as sweeping as current market trends “(#leadgeneration). You can even create more complex search strings, e.g.: “My Company + Customer + Service”. There’s no limit to the number of search terms you can have monitored, and with updates every 10 minutes, there’s no delay, either.

But like we said – this is the perfect Twitter partner. That means that ThinkAutomation doesn’t just monitor tweets: it also reacts. For each tweet found, ThinkAutomation can execute an action. That action could be an automatic response – based on intelligent keyword recognition coupled with pre-set answers. It could be sentiment analysis on the things people are saying about your company and service. It could be a new record creation in your CRM or database.

All you do is create the triggers – ThinkAutomation takes care of executing the correct follow-up thereafter.

  • Post to Twitter via email, SMS, voice message, or directly from the ThinkAutomation client
  • Scan Twitter for unlimited keywords related to your business, with regular updates at every 10 minute interval
  • All tweets stored in the ThinkAutomation message store for easy viewing
  • Automated tweet responses and triggered actions
  • Instant notifications via email, SMS or IM when critical tweets are found
  • Sentiment analysis conducted on your incoming mentions
  • Integrate downloaded reports with your CRM or team collaboration tools
  • 360° view of your industry and your competitor’s output