Automate Dynamics CRM Updates

ThinkAutomation can parse and extract data from any incoming email and then update records in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. ThinkAutomation currently supports Microsoft Dynamics 2011, 2013, 2015 & 2016 Online or On Premises. ThinkAutomation can create and update any CRM Entity. It can also upload files & attachments to attach to existing entities. CRM Entities can be read and values assigned to ThinkAutomation Fields - these can then be used on subsequent actions.

Update CRM From Emails

Use Case

For example, if you receive orders via email from your payment processor or from a form on your website, ThinkAutomation can extract the customer data from the email and automatically create an Account in your Dynamics system.


  • Automate the updating of your Dynamics CRM from any received message, any source.
  • Attach entire emails to Microsoft CRM entities or extract specific data.
  • Upload Attachments to Dynamics.
  • Query any Dynamics CRM entity and use the information on outgoing messages.