Automate CRM Updates

You want your exchanges with customers in their rightful CRM place. You don’t want to sit there copying and pasting text, finding or creating records and manually updating details. ThinkAutomation solves that problem.

Think of it as a digital mail office that manages all your inbound comms. Whether your message comes from an email, an SMS, a web form, a voicemail or a social message, ThinkAutomation will pick it up and parse it. It will extract information from that message, and send the info where it belongs within your CRM.

Update CRM From Emails

Use Case

You receive an email from a customer. ThinkAutomation can lookup the customer's account in your CRM system using the email address. Any attachments can be uploaded to the CRM account. ThinkAutomation could read values from the CRM entity and add to a new message that is forwarded to customer services.


  • Supports Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce out of the box.
  • Other CRM systems available through Professional Services.
  • Automate the updating of your CRM from any received message, any source.
  • Attach entire emails to CRM entities or extract specific data.
  • Upload Attachments.
  • Query any CRM entity and use the information on outgoing messages.