Our story.

Thousands of businesses in over 100 countries use ThinkAutomation technology

If it doesn’t exist, build it yourself.

Borne out of frustration over manually rekeying data, and with no adequate product already available on the market, ThinkAutomation was originally built as an internal admin tool for Parker Software.

Back in 2003, Parker Software launched its flagship live chat product, WhosOn. WhosOn was successful right from the off. Orders were starting to outnumber available resources, and the (then) small team struggled to keep up with demand.

It wasn’t long before CEO and lead developer Stephen Parker devised a solution to lend a hand with WhosOn order processing – a solution that started off as a basic data migration tool to take orders we received via email and update our own databases.

We quickly realised that his side project was far more than a basic tool, and that we had created another powerful product in its own right. We created Email2DB in 2004 – the first face of what has since grown to be ThinkAutomation.

Now, thousands of businesses in over 100 countries use ThinkAutomation technology, from fledgling start-ups through to the globally renowned giants.

The entire Parker Software portfolio has grown alongside ThinkAutomation. Today, our leading business process automation software proudly sits within a comprehensive suite of solutions – that together combine to form a full, 360° digital transformation partner.

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