Product Editions

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Product Editions

ThinkAutomation is available in a number of editions: Standard, Enterprise, Cloud, Small Business & Developer.


All editions include the same features for parsing and extracting data from messages to update databases and perform other automated actions. All editions allow any number of Accounts and Triggers to be processed.


Standard Edition

The Standard On-Premises Edition runs on your own server and provides full functionality and unlimited message processing. All ThinkAutomation services run on the same physical computer. You can run the ThinkAutomation Administrator & Client on up to 3 computers. Additional remote user licenses can be purchased.


Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition provides the same level of functionality as the Standard Edition but with the added ability for the Edge & Message Servers to be run on separate physical computers providing a distributed processing environment. You can configure multiple 'nodes'. Each node equates to an Edge or Message Server - you then deploy these depending on your processing and redundancy requirements. Multiple Message Processor servers can be configured providing increased performance, distributed processing and failover. You can run the ThinkAutomation Administrator & Client on up to 5 computers. Additional remote user licenses can be purchased.


Cloud Edition

The Cloud Edition of ThinkAutomation provides the functionality of the Standard Edition, however the ThinkAutomation Server is run and managed for you on Parker Software's Cloud based servers. This provides all the features and benefits of ThinkAutomation without the hassle of setting up, maintaining & backing up of a server.


Small Business Edition

A lower cost edition providing unlimited message processing with a reduced number of actions & message sources. See: Features At A Glance


Developer Edition

The Developer Edition allows developers to create and test ThinkAutomation Accounts & Triggers before deployment to production servers. It provides the full Standard Edition functionality but is restricted to processing a maximum of 250 messages per day.


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