ThinkAutomation Cloud Edition

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ThinkAutomation Cloud Edition

In addition to the regular ThinkAutomation On Premise Edition we also provide a Cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) edition.


It provides most of the features of the ThinkAutomation On Premise product but with the added benefit that you do not need to setup and maintain the ThinkAutomation Server components. Your ThinkAutomation Cloud server is pre-configured to receive messages directly via your own ThinkAutomation email addresses. It can also read messages from any IMAP/POP3 or Exchange/Office 365 accounts. You can access & configure your ThinkAutomation Accounts using the ThinkAutomation Administrator from any PC with Internet access.


ThinkAutomation Cloud Edition is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform providing a secure, robust and Geo-redundant platform for automating & storing your business messages.


The ThinkAutomation Cloud Edition is priced using a subscription model which includes all support & product updates. Plans are available for small & large message volume requirements.


This manual is used for both ThinkAutomation On-Premise & ThinkAutomation Cloud Edition Administration. For ThinkAutomation Cloud Edition users you do not need to configure the server or mail server options as these will have been pre-configured for you.


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