Lookup From A Database

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Lookup From A Database

Reads a record from any external database and assigns field results to multiple ThinkAutomation fields or variables.




You must specify a Connection String that ThinkAutomation will use to open the data source. Click the Build button to build the connection string using any of the data source providers that are installed on your PC. Click the Test button to verify that ThinkAutomation can login to the data source. See Also: Connection Strings


Enter the SQL Select Statement to use to lookup a record from your database.


In the Field Assignments grid you can map database fields used on your lookup table to ThinkAutomation fields or variables.


In the SQL Field Name/Number column specify a database field name or position number from the SELECT statement.


In the Assign Result To column select a ThinkAutomation field or Variable that you want the database field value assigned to.


When ThinkAutomation performs the lookup it will open a readonly recordset using the supplied SQL statement. It will then get the first record from this recordset.


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